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Frequently Asked Questions


Is the quality of your custom components comparable with a stick built home ?


Actually the quality of materials and specifications we build into our homes is superior to conventionally built homes. Our wall panels are built using 2x6 framing not the standard 2x4. Our sheathings are plywood not “ chipboard. The lumber we use is “culled” eliminating warped studs and excessive knots. Framing is maintained on tighter centers. Our engineering generally exceeds local building codes.


How long does it take to get my home under roof ?


From the time the package of custom components is delivered to your site, the house gets under roof in about three weeks. This short time reduces exposure to elements and possible theft at the site.


How do costs compare with a standard built home ?


Overall the costs are comparable to conventional costs. However, considering the quality we build into our homes, our Clients end up getting a lot more for their money. Also, in that our homes are so well built, future maintenance is significantly reduced.


What services do you offer ?


At no cost we will review your lot’s topography and orientation along with an analysis of your requirements and budget. We will even provide a preliminary sketch.

We then create a custom design with architectural drawings, complete with the specifications and materials list. We finalize and monitor your budget and we can offer you our own construction management services which allows you as the homeowner to receive the subcontracted items without additional markups.

Since professional design services are provided with every custom home we build - this saving of architectural fees results in substantial cost savings when compared to a conventionally built home.


Can you do architecturally designed homes ?


All of our homes are designed by our in-house registered architect using the latest computer technology. We provide all the drawings to enable our manufacturers to create your custom components. Our drawings will be certified by a licensed building engineer so that a building permit will be issued by your local licensing department.


Do you help with the construction budget ?


Our experience allows us to create a workable and realistic budget for your project. We monitor specification selection, revisions, and change orders. The budgets we create can be submitted to your lender for consecution and permanent financing.


Can I see some of the homes you actually built ?


Certainly ! We can arrange to take you on a tour of some of the homes we have created in the Northern Virginia Area.


Will you assist us in managing the construction ?


We have worked with many builders and contractors and can help you select a qualified person to complete the construction. We have even developed an optional fee building system that allows you to act as your own contractor, yet avoids problems in obtaining bank financing.


Why should we use a custom component system ?


  • Designs can include a variety of interesting framing techniques such as post and beam, timberframe, or stresskin technology.
  • Architectural drawings are coordinated with our factory production.
  • Significant saving of time for the field framing crew.
  • Materials arrive at site pre-built and pre-fitted to exacting factory specifications.
  • Production of components is done in a controlled environment out of the weather using the lates
  • computer aided design and computer manufacturing technology
  • Tolerances are tighter and the assembly process is streamlined with a greater level of quality control
  • Waste is virtually eliminated


How long have you been in business - How many homes have you constructed ?


We have been in business since 1982 and generally produce 10 custom homes per year








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